H. Horwitz Jewelers

Terms and Conditions

Address Verification

At H. Horwitz Co., we follow a careful address verification procedure to ensure your security and to minimize the risk of fraud when shopping for diamonds and jewelry online. This process allows us to verify that each purchase is legitimate, helping to prevent the illicit use of your credit card and to thwart cases of identity theft.

When processing online orders, we’re not able to check a driver’s license or other physical forms of ID, which creates a need for an alternate method of verification. For every order you place with H. Horwitz Co., we correspond with the financial institution who issued your credit or debit card to ensure that you are the cardholder, that the card is valid and has not been reported lost or stolen, and that the billing address on the order matches the one on your card account.

Secure Order Processing

When you place an order with H. Horwitz Co., we do not immediately charge your credit or debit card. We first request authorization from your bank that your card is valid, has the necessary funds available, and has not been reported lost or stolen. After authorization, the purchase amount is held by your bank for up to 7-10 days. H. Horwitz Co. has no control over these held funds, and we do not claim the funds until the order is shipped. If your credit card company declines your payment, we suggest that you contact your bank directly to determine if your funds have been held from authorizations from other canceled or declined transactions. If so, you can ask them to release the necessary funds so that your order can be processed. Images shown may be replaced with like items with buyers approval.

Free Shipping

Horwitz Co. offers complimentary express shipping on every order. Each shipment is securely packaged, fully insured, and shipped using only the most reputable and reliable courier services. We use only next day Federal Express Services. We are sorry, we cannot ship to PO boxes or ship to locations outside the United States, but do ship to Hawaii and Alaska. Most orders ship in 2-5 days, excluding custom orders. 

Signature Required

To protect the security of your shipment, we require an adult signature at the time of delivery, regardless of any waivers you may have with the courier. Our double-boxed packages are fully insured until delivery at the shipping address. Additionally, to ensure that someone will be available to sign for your package, an e-mail message will be sent notifying you that it has been shipped.

Return Policy

All sales are final.

90 Day Free Ring Resizing

Any ring purchased from H. Horwitz Co. can be sent back within 90 days from the date of purchase for a free resizing (return shipping charges will be applied). Ring sizing is completed approximately 3-5  business days from the time the shipment is Please note that diamond eternity bands, some custom designs, and some materials cannot be resized