H. Horwitz Jewelers


Turn your Dreams into Reality with a Custom Design. Save up to 50% under retail.

As a manufacturing jeweler, H. Horwitz Co. works with skilled craftsmen to bring your Custom Designs to life and at the same time, saves you money because you are dealing direct. When you work with H. Horwitz, you’re eliminating the huge markups from conventional retailers. More of your budget goes into your design, because we have removed the middlemen. Save money while you create the Custom Design of your dreams.

Trust H. Horwitz Co. and our time tested design process to bring your ideas to life. We’ll assist you every step of the way.

Step 1
We’ll begin by listening to your ideas. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of a new ring, necklace, pin, bracelet or any combination. We’ll discuss your budget and design ideas or assist in creating a design for you. We’ll suggest type of metal, type of stone and style of design. Custom designs can include diamonds, pearls or precious stones. Metals can be smooth or hand-engraved. Measurements will be taken and drawings are created for your approval. Our world – class international designers will begin the magic by creating hand- drawn color renderings showing multiple views of your custom design. These drawings will be presented to you for your approval.

Color sketches created of your design.

Step 2
Once you’ve selected the final sketch, the H. Horwitz master wax carvers will create a hand-engraved model of your new jewelry creation for you to try on. You’ll be able to check the size and style and even see how the stones will fit because they are set in place in the wax model. Your wax model is modified unitl you are completely satisfied and ready to give final approval to go into production.

Master hand- carved wax model for approval.

Step 3
In production, our expert bench craftsmen will cast your jewelry design from the approved wax model. Then the piece is polished and your stones are set in place to complete the process. Your beautiful H. HORWITZ CUSTOM design will be presented to you.

The design of your dreams becomes a reality for you to enjoy and wear proudly forever.

Presenting your H. Horwitz original Custom design.