Vintage and Estate Jewelry
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18K gold, 32mm wide bracelet 30mm wide, 14k yellow gold & cameo Bracelet Circa 1950's Platinum and Diamond Bracelet Circa 1950's Slide Bracelet
Hand-carved Onyx and Diamond Necklace Hand-carved Onyx and Diamond Bracelet I LOVE YOU PENDANT -
H Horwitz Co. Original Design
14K Zodiac Pendant with Sapphire Rotating Arrow
Circa 1950's Platinum and Diamond Bracelet Pre-1920's Platinum and Diamond Bracelet 3p-2822 Graff Briolette --50ct. TW
3p-4079 13e-k 3k-53
3p-4131 3p-2574 3P-2479
Diamond and pear shaped
emerald necklace
3k-70 3p-b89 3p-1910
3p-2820 3p-4178 DSC-4120
3p-2328 3p-a21 Art Deco Brooch
Pin 8x-3332 3J-103
605-327, 328 12e-170a 12e-363
3p-2373 Pin 3p-2373
Oval Pin
3p-2252 - 8-8.5 cultured pearls
1.25 ct diamond clasp
3p-a27 3p-c25 3p-2821
3p-2822 13x-2396