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Reprinted from Yelp

As my grandfather Hyman used to say,
“if we could place our reputation in the safe at night, we would-
it’s that important.”

"They are honest, thorough,
polite and quick."

5 Stars January 30 2014

I have brought jewelry that needs fixing to H. Horwitz for years and never been disappointed. They are honest, thorough, polite and quick. When I had a Judith Leiber bag with a sheered screw on the metal frame, I was told by shoemakers it couldn't be fixed - but Horwitz fixed it - even restoring the screw's function - something everyone else said was impossible.

It wouldn't be fair to characterize this jewelry store as a mere fix it shop. They offer a wide array of estate jewelry at very fair prices, and also reset stones in new settings. I recently purchased a fabulous vintage bracelet from them that they serviced at no charge when one of the pave diamonds fell out months later. They offer first rate service, a superior selection, and customer service that is truly first class!
Barbara L. - Chicago, IL

"If you want a unique selection of QUALITY rings this is your place."

5 Stars April 11 2013

My fiancé and I took time to research family owned jewelers in the city, since it was really important to us not go to a local Zales or Jared in search of my engagement ring (sorry nothing against chain shops just not for us). We felt the quality and service for such a big investment was worth some research. I was all about having a "different" ring, something unique and vintage is what I was looking for. I wasn't really sure what that looked like until I walked in H.Horwitz.

My fiancé and I only went to check out pricing on rings, since neither of us knew what to expect plus we wanted to be financially responsible on saving for a future investment. The assortment of unique, beautiful rings was outstanding! There was much to fall in love with and we got a good idea on what to expect as far as pricing for what style I was looking for or for a customized ring. The staff (Lima) were so helpful. She asked me a lot of questions on what I was looking and I kept saying...I just want something unique, unlike all my friends rings that are/will be engaged. I wasn't one for the traditional solitaire engagement ring, for me I've seen them time and time again.

Lima, brought us to this one show case and as soon as the word VINTAGE came out of my mouth, she pulled out this AMAZING engagement ring from 1920 that they just got on. I was very reluctant to try it on, knowing I'd fall in love and since we wanted to only look at pricing I didn't want to but... my boyfriend (at the time now fiancé) kept encouraging me to. I gave in and HOLY was a moment that I never expected to have. I felt like this ring was truly meant to be mine, the stars had aligned and it was the exact same feeling I had when I knew my fiancé was my one and only. My fiancé still says he'll never forget the smile and glow on my face as I looked at him with the ring on. We walked out in shock that we actually found "THE RING". Later, my fiancé went back to get it and 3 months later we were engagement with my GORGEOUS 1920 vintage diamond engagement right.

I never thought that I'd actually pick out my engagement ring, but I wouldn't change anything, that ring was meant to be mine. He shocked me with a surpise proposal & now I never have to part ways with my vintage ring!

If you want a unique selection of QUALITY rings this is your place.
Diana D. - Bolingbrook, IL

"Most importantly, I know I am getting the best value, and that is something rare in the jewelry business."

5 stars November 11 2013
H. Horwitz is the best jewelry store not only in Chicago, but in the United States. I cannot tell you what a delightful experience it is shopping there from the quality of the merchandise to the quality of the staff.  Most importantly, I know I am getting the best value, and that is something rare in the jewelry business.  

I have purchased everything there from my stunning 4 karat rare yellow diamond engagement ring, two matching diamond wedding bands, opera length pearls, stunning rare ascher cut diamond pendant, diamond hoops  and this is over a 40 year period.  I do not go anywhere else. From the smallest to the largest.  It's simply the best.
Susan J. - Chicago, IL

"I bought fantastic
diamonds at a great

5 Stars August 30 2015

H.Horwitz sold me high quality diamonds that I could never afford at typical retail jewelry stores.Most jewelry stores charge a 100 % retail markup and yet do not explain which diamond characteristics are most important to appearance.

H. Horwitz is not just an estate jeweler--they also sell diamonds to the public at wholesale prices.Other jewelers in Chicago told me that Horwitz diamond prices were "too good to be true" and that anyone offering diamonds at those prices must be misrepresenting the diamond grades.But Horwitz gave me a guarantee that I could take the diamonds to an independent lab of my choosing and return the diamonds if the grades were not as specified.The local independent lab only charged me $75 and didn't ask me what grades the seller had claimed.   

The lab showed me the diamonds under a huge microscope and gave the same grades as Horwitz--in one case even a slightly better color grade than H Horwitz claimed.   

If you want a super fancy setting (the metal part of a ring or earring) then you can easily take stones purchased at Horwitz to a big name retail jeweler for the setting.Settings are a very small portion of the total cost, so even if the big name jeweler gouges you on the price of the setting, it is still nothing compared to what you saved on the stones from H. Horwitz.  

Overpriced retail stores won't tell you that the optimal specs for appearance and value (based on my extensive research) are:
a. Clarity: SI1-SI2 with no dark inclusions, no large clouds, and no wisps. This means that the inclusions should be "feathers". But diamonds with no feathers at all are a waste of money because you are paying for rarity rather than appearance.
b. Color: E to F. Definitely no lower than G.
c. Cut: For a ring something not too far from the "ideal cut" (depth 59 % - 63 % of diameter, etc. ) For an earring, the cut is not as critical--just needs to be not hugely different from "ideal" dimensions.Table can be slightly larger than ideal.
d. No  artificial "clarity enhancement" of any type.

At my request, H. Horwitz ordered three sets of diamonds with these specs for me to view in their showroom.   
Unlike most retail jewelers, Horwitz apparently sources directly from diamond cutters, not "middlemen" dealers that apply another layer of markup to the price.I bought fantastic diamonds at a great bargain!
Tom V. - Chicago, IL

"We are so happy with the ring we found and would recommend this wonderful family owned business to anyone!"

5 stars January 11 2014

We had the best experience working with Craig and his team at Horowitz looking for an engagement ring. They have beautiful jewelry, knowledgeable staff and are very patient and wiling to work with each customer to find the perfect piece. We are so happy with the ring we found and would recommend this wonderful family owned business to anyone!
Cecelia P. - Chicago, IL

"I am thrilled with our purchase and recommend this family owned business to anyone who is looking for a vintage engagement ring at a great price."

5 stars July 23 2013

Absolute amazing selection of estate jewelry accompanied by great service.

My fiance and I were looking for an estate piece and were referred to this jeweler by a friend. Phyllis, the owner, met us near the door. Think Fran Drescher meets Shelly Long in Troop Beverly Hills (Does it sing? Yes it does... Kumbaya, My Lord, Kumbaya!), but 70+ years in age.

This place has a terrific vintage selection with competitive prices. Once we found "the ring", they were willing to barter with my man. We ended up getting the ring for 20% less than original quote, with some fancy footwork by my fiance!

I am thrilled with our purchase and recommend this family owned business to anyone who is looking for a vintage engagement ring at a great price. If you love unique jewelry and want to support local business, this is the place for you!
Erin M. - Chicago, IL

"My honest opinion was that it was the ideal business transaction for both parties - "win-win."

5 stars December 8 2014

Recently, my wife's friend inherited about 20 assorted pieces of jewelry from her mother. My wife informed her friend that I tend to be very good at providing business counsel of all sort, and she asked me my opinion of how to sell the pieces for the best price possible. Since most of the pieces were purchased about 50 years ago, I knew the buyer would have to be someone who had knowledge of or worked with vintage jewelry. I immediately thought of Craig Horwitz, who has been an acquaintance of mine for many years.

Mr. Horwitz spent a great deal of time examining the stones in each piece, verifying and weighing the gold content of the settings, and determining a fair price for each piece individually and collectively. After spending just about 80 minutes with us, he made what I thought to be an offer that was more than fair. My friend accepted his offer and as we walked out she asked me if I thought she received a fair price. My honest opinion was that it was the ideal business transaction for both parties - "win-win". Obviously, he is a businessman and is not going to give away money, but I don't believe she could have gotten a better price from anyone else which is why I am writing this review.

If you are in the market for vintage rings, I can assure you that H. Horwitz Co. has just added some very nice looking pieces to their collection. Or, if you happen to be someone who is looking to cash in on some jewelry that you own, you probably should shop around to get what you think is the best price possible, then visit H. Horwitz Co. and be prepared for them to beat that previous price by more than enough to justify the visit.
Ken T. - Highland Park, IL

"When I'm looking for jewelry, I don't shop anywhere else."

5 stars February 22 2014

I have been a client of H. Horwitz for more than 10 years. They have done a fantastic job on everything from engagement/ wedding rings to estate jewelry for special gifts. They provide top quality jewelry, personalized service and unique options for any occasion. In a market with hundreds of jewelers, this is a true family owned business you can trust. In fact, over the years, we have come to know Craig Horwitz and his family as friends. This is a testament to the personal service we have received and the trust we have built. When I'm looking for jewelry, I don't shop anywhere else.

"Very helpful and friendly folks, I would recommend visiting H. Horwitz to anyone looking for something unique that you can't find in a jewelry catalog."
Tony E. - Palatine, IL

"Very helpful and friendly folks, I would recommend visiting
H. Horwitz to anyone looking for something unique that you can't find in a jewelry catalog."

4 stars August 23 2013

Found a great vintage ring that we both loved. Took a bit longer than expected due to some replacement stones needing to be ordered, but overall happy with H Horwitz and my purchase.

My only suggestion is more proactive communication, as mentioned we were anxiously anticipating our order and only found out about the reason for delay and ultimate shipment when I called or emailed.

Very helpful and friendly folks, I would recommend visiting H Horwitz to anyone looking for something unique that you can't find in a jewelry catalog.
Nick H. - Madison, WI

"This establishment is a GEM!"

5 stars May 27, 2013

H. Horowitz Co. demonstrated the finest in customer service when my husband purchased my engagement ring back in late 2011. I knew I wanted something special and unique, and this family-owned business (for over 100 years) in Chicago was the best choice for estate jewelry. I found the ring of my dreams here! I receive compliments on it all the time.

Laima helped with the purchase of my 1930's diamond estate ring. She was professional, and did not pressure my husband into anything. Craig Horowitz also went above and beyond to help get my ring properly sized, which was quite a feat with my 3.5 ring size. He gave me a history lesson in vintage rings and let me look at the cut under his microscope explaining how they date diamonds. He even met me after hours to deliver the ring before my trip to Europe to make sure it fit correctly.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. This establishment is a GEM!
Missy M. - Chicago, IL

"I give HH Co. my highest recommendation!"

5 stars 11/13/2013

I worked with Craig to design and build a custom engagement ring and can't say enough positive things about it. Over our many appointments, Craig spent hours educating me on my options. We worked together, trading renderings of the design, improving it with each draft. During the process, Craig struck the perfect balance between providing helpful suggestions and comments to guide the design while letting me realize my vision - and like me, he insisted on perfection!

Throughout the process, Craig was available by email and phone, even on nights and weekends. Fast forward to today - my fiance and I are happily engaged and both LOVE the ring. We've started taking other pieces to Craig to be cleaned and fixed and we refer anybody who asks for a jeweler in the area. I give HH Co. my highest recommendation!
Nick N. - Chicago, IL

Reprinted from Yelp